The Lightroom Virtual Summit Has Ended

But you still have one last chance to purchase Lifetime Access to watch all the classes

Thank you to the thousands of people who attended

40 Classes Taught by Experts Over 5 Days

I’m Matt Kloskowski and I’ve been teaching Lightroom since it came out in 2007. I've teamed up with Dave Cross to put on this one-of-a-kind Lightroom training event: The Lightroom Virtual Summit. It's a conference that you can attend from the comfort of your own home!

We've put together an incredible team made up of some of the world’s best and most experienced Lightroom teachers for this one-of-a-kind event.


This instructor team has created not only real-world, practical Lightroom sessions, but also will be providing session notes*. This is a true educational event!


Your instructors for this event include best-selling authors, Adobe MAX Masters, Adobe Certified Instructors, and Lightroom Ambassadors. You can see the Instructor Team below.


Every single training session is designed to take your Lightroom knowledge and skill to the next level - regardless of whether you're just starting out, or have years of experience.


I hope you join us for this amazing learning experience!


*Session notes are an exclusive benefit for VIP Access Pass Members

Our Instructor Team

Anthony Morganti

Anthony will be teaching...

Aundre Larrow

Aundre will be teaching...

Ben Willmore

Ben will be teaching...

Chris Orwig

Chris will be teaching...

Colin Smith

Colin will be teaching...

Daniel Gregory

Daniel will be teaching...

Dave Cross

Dave will be teaching...

Glyn Dewis

Glyn will be teaching...

Jared Platt

Jared will be teaching...

Jesús Ramirez

Jesús will be teaching...

Kristina Sherk

Kristina will be teaching...

Lisa Carney

Lisa will be teaching...

Mark Denney

Mark will be teaching...

Matt Kloskowski

Matt will be teaching...

Nicole Young

Nicole will be teaching...

Rob Sylvan

Rob will be teaching...

Sean Bagshaw

Sean will be teaching...

Theresa Jackson

Theresa will be teaching...

Tim Grey

Tim will be teaching...

Tobi Shinobi

Tobi will be teaching...

Meet our Sponsors

A huge thank you to these sponsors!

Media Sponsor


  • Dodging and Burning with the Adjustment Brush​

  • From Capture to Print: A Printing Masterclass 

  • Lightroom Photographic Storytelling,  Accessing Your Photos from Anywhere 

  • Mastering Lens and Perspective Corrections

  • Understanding Lightroom Classic Catalogues and the Library Module 

  • Unlock the power of Range Masks

  • Create Stunning Black and White Landscapes 

  • Sharing your Work from Lightroom, Hidden Lightroom Tips and Tricks

  • Basic and Advanced Portrait Retouching, Using Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Creative Color Grading, Editing for Equity, Creating Slideshows 

  • The Power of Lightroom Mobile, Working Smart in Lightroom Classic​

  • Developing a Next-Level Organization System

Who ran this event? 

What if I missed the event on May 3 - 7? 

Unfortunately the option to purchase access to the recordings is no longer available. 

Will there be another Lightroom Virtual Summit in the future?